2017 New Year Resolutions

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

They say when you can’t stop dreaming about something, you’re too stressed or too obsessed with it. 

When I was tidying up my drawers yesterday, I realized I’ve been having the same New Year’s resolutions for the past 7 to 8 years. I also realized what stopped me from realizing these resolutions is none other than, WORRY.

I always worry about not having enough, not getting as much as others, worry about the future and then I will sidetrack to some other things so that I can feel more secure and safe.

This year, after 7 freaking years, I’m back to this cycle again. Can you imagine if I did not sidetrack? I might not be amazingly and awesomely good, but at least I’ll know and move on.

But now, it still itches my heart when I think about it!

So this coming year, I will TRUST GOD a little bit more, a little longer and not freak out so quickly. Dreams come to pass over a period of time and not overnight! :)

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